Gangs and Asset Forfeiture Training

Gang and Asset Forfeiture Training are essential tools for today’s law enforcement


No community is immune from Gang infiltration and the violence associated with its members.  It is critical that officers be able to Identify and strategically target the Gangs infrastructure to bring about a successful prosecution. 

Asset Forfeiture:

Equally important in dismantling today's Gangs is Asset Forfeiture. 

The ability to follow and seize a particular Gangs money, not only delivers a crippling blow financially, it enables law enforcement to enhance state laws during the penalty phase and reintroduce recovered funds to the arresting agency.  


Our Team of Instructors are all former members of the NYPD’s elite Intelligence Division with over 45 years of proven real world application.

At Intel Investigations, we don’t talk about other people’s experience, we bring our own

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